About Us


At the core of everything we have done since our inception in 2004 are people.

It doesn't matter if it is a customer, one of our customers customer or an employee we understand that if we don't look after them it doesn't matter how good our solutions are.

Delivering to the major players

Companies such as those over there on the right don't trust just anyone with their customers - we are proud to have been maintenance partners for these, and other, top names for the past 13 years delivering the service they demand for their customers throughout the UK.

Remote fixes to engineers on the ground we are trusted to deliver within the very tight SLA restrictions that are required to keep the companies listed below happy.

What we offer

We challenge the traditional WiFi model, where the network owns the infrastructure and only provides Guest/Public WiFi services. We believe a venue should own their wireless infrastructure, as it becomes more critical to many aspects of their business.

We offer services across the full operational lifetime of Wireless networks, beginning with surveys and installation, through to operation and maintenance. The venues can then choose, with Synaptix help, which applications they want to run over their infrastructure and who should provide these applications.

These applications are likely to include:-
Internal systems (PDQ machines, stock control etc.), Public WiFi, WiFi analytics, In Venue Customer Engagement, Next generation mobile payments (Apple Pay / ZAPP), Operational systems (CCTV over WiFi, WiFi Calling telephony, WiFi monitoring systems).
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